Cllr Diane Marsh

Diane Marsh is standing for election as a candidate for Singlewell Ward in the Gravesham Borough Council elections on 2nd may 2019.

She is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and also a KCC Gravesend East County Councillor, Deputy Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health.

Diane was born in South East London and lived in Gravesham for over 30 years where she has raised her family and worked in and around the Borough. In her career she has worked as a mental health nurse, trained as a holistic therapist and owned a pharmaceutical wholesalers!

She was a Gravesham Borough councillor from 2007 to 2011 and served on charitable boards as a trustee. Diane also enjoyed the challenges of being a local member on several council committees. She is passionate about supporting people back into work and spent a number of years developing social enterprises in high areas of unemployment.

Diane volunteers for the Sanctuary homeless project in Gravesend. She also serves as a Rotarian for Gravesend and Meopham where she teams up with others, volunteering time to local charities and events.

Diane is a strong supporter of Gravesend town centre regeneration and excited to see the investment in the area, uplifting it as a visitor attraction.

“I enjoy nothing more than wandering down the prom, or having a coffee in the cafe while watching the swans and children play, or taking a sightseeing trip from our fantastic free pontoon. With the Tilbury Docks expansion on the other side of the river, we are now pulling in new visitors on the ferry to enjoy these facilities and adding to our local economy”

Diane’s work in mental health

Recently she has returned to practice as a Registered mental health nurse and strongly believes in raising awareness around the stigma of mental health, by helping others to talk about their issues rather than repress them.

“The mental health rhetoric is a key priority for many services including Kent’s Police Crime Commissioner Mathew Scott and our Prime Minister Theresa May. Mental health is everyone’s business and I hope that by raising awareness and helping people talk more openly about our mental health we can reduce the stigma and support people more positively”

“One in four of us will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives and we are all either directly or indirectly affected. My real passion is to reduce the suicide rates and that’s because my father committed suicide when I was 19, it leaves a legacy like no other.”

Read Diane's pledges for Singlewell


An outpouring of love following a Valentines Day burglary

Helping Gravesends model railway, Gravesend Model Marine & Engineering Society, following the devastating theft of £25,000 of locomotives and equipment.

Grab your tickets and support our fundraising!

By Aaron Elliott, candidate for Riverview in the 2019 Local Elections.

Chairman Diane Marsh pays a personal tribute to the late Peter Hart

Peter Hart, my happy-chappy friend, mentor and father figure.

We met some 12 years ago when I first stood as Councillor for Whitehill. He was the Conservative father and our campaign king pin, always there always encouraging and supporting old and new!

Diane Marsh helps reduce Valley Drive speed limit

Local KCC Councillor Diane Marsh support to local campaigners has led to a reduction in the speed limit along Valley Drive.

Local residents from Valley Drive, Read Way, Dobson Road and Stacey Close have been campaigning for the 40MPH speed limit to be reduced to 30MPH.