Get Involved

3 big reasons to get involved and join our team

Hello, I'm Diane Marsh, Chairman of Gravesham Conservatives. Thank you for considering the idea of joining our team. 

You may be publicly spirited or politically minded. In business, education, in public service, or retired. Young or not so young! Whatever your background or motivations, you are here because you may be intrigued by the idea of joining your local conservative party. 

Getting involved and what that means to you can take almost any shape. Perhaps you see yourself as a future MP, Borough Councillor, or County Councillor. Or you want to put some weight behind a particular issue you feel strongly about in Gravesham or your neighbourhood. It may be that you simply want to become a part of a team for involvement in community support projects and campaigns. Or just for social networking with like minded people. You can put as much or as little into it as you like, to suit your time availability and situation.

Why join us?

It's personally rewarding - you can make a real difference to your community, from simply helping ordinary people to changing Gravesham for the better

Learn new skills - not only are your unique skills welcome, but learning new ones is fascinating, such as public speaking, campaigning, community engagement

Influence election results - Your membership alone helps us win, but you can also contribute to election campaigning, selecting councillors, MPs and vote for the next Tory Party Leader

If you want to join right now it's easy, just go to the Join page and subscribe. However if you would like to discuss it with me first, please let me know via the Contact form on this website and I will be happy to chat about it to see how your needs can be met after joining. I very much look forward to speaking or meeting with you.

Kind Regards

Diane Marsh

Diane Marsh, Chairman of Gravesham Conservatives


After the first three months of your membership, you will be entitled to a vote in Party ballots. You will also have a chance to influence Party policy by letting us know your views.

Any person living in the United Kingdom is eligible to join the Conservative Party. Applicants are not required to be registered voters or UK nationals.

There is no upper or lower age limit on membership, although children under the age of 15 cannot be enrolled as full voting members.