Our pledges for Singlewell

Safer Roads

We pledge to continue to work with Kent County Council to deliver on those issues that mean so much to you. Such as listening to concerns over speed limits! Valley Drive was recently reduced from 40 to 30mph at the request of local residents, along with some new signs to avert HGV’s from using smaller local roads, all negotiated and delivered by your local Conservative County Councillor.  We will continue to listen to you and work with you to make our community a safer place.


Marling Cross and The Lower Thames Crossing

We will vigorously fight against any proposal that will make life more difficult for our local people to get onto the A2 and surrounding roads because of the Lower Thames Crossing. We will also be your greatest advocates, as we already have been by representing your views at the highest level, regarding the health impacts of the Lower Thames Crossing.  At Marling Cross HGV park, we know how difficult the unwanted visitors and HGV drivers, foul human waste and rubbish has been for local residents. We promise that we will strongly oppose opening the park when Highways England cannot resource it.


Cleaner, Safer Pavements and Streets

Dog fouling continues to be a problem on local pavements so we will campaign to get more dog waste bins in areas where you tell us you want them!  There is also a disturbing amount of litter on the streets and we promise to hold community litter picks every month to make our streets cleaner. We will always help you keep the area safer by promoting neighbourhood watch groups and ensuring that your council tax is spent on more local policing initiatives such as the new Police cadets and more local police officers.


Responsible Parking and Enhanced Local Playgrounds

There are problems regarding parking near the four local primary schools and other places around our area. We know how dangerous for everyone that is. We will listen to your views and work with the schools and the local authority to see what can be done to alleviate the stress of that morning run. We also know how important the local parks are. We promise that they will be maintained with a pledge that any new equipment installed will include accessible play equipment for disabled children.


Local Homes for Local People whilst Protecting our Green Spaces

Local Conservatives will campaign for new homes in the area by redeveloping old sites.  These homes should be affordable and accessible to local people, whether private or social.  These homes should give people the right to a safe place to live in their community. We will not support unsustainable and inappropriate development on our green belt. We believe our green belt should be protected for future generations and the preservation of our green spaces will be a top priority for us.  The green belt has our unequivocal support.


Cllr. Diane Marsh

Diane Marsh is a member for Singlewell Ward at Gravesham Borough Council and represents Gravesend East at Kent County Council.

She is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and also a KCC Gravesend East County Councillor, Deputy Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Public Health.

Jacob Hatch

Jacob Hatch is a prospective candidate for the 2019 Gravesham Borough Council elections, standing in the Singlewell ward.

Harry Shovelar

Harry is standing for election as a candidate for Singlewell Ward in the Gravesham Borough Council Elections on 2nd May 2019.