Cllr Gary Harding

Gary Harding is the Gravesham Borough Councillor for Meopham North and is the Borough’s Disability Champion. 

He was born October 1961 in Gravesend, and at the age of 3 was diagnosed Deaf at the Nuffield Centre, London.

His Parents endeavoured to ensure that he would be able to speak clearly, be articulate and have strong communication skills, it was arranged that he was to attend a boarding school for the Deaf, where sign language was discouraged, and the development of students to have the ability to speak and live independent lives in the world was important.

Seven years ago, Diane Marsh and Gary Harding set up a joint social enterprise with the aim to increase Deaf Awareness, through that, Gary was involved in presenting Deaf Awareness seminars to people of all walks of life, from Junior Beavers, Sea Cadets, NHS employees, Council workers and the WI. Gary is very natural in meeting the people.

In 2015, Gary stood on behalf of UKIP as a parliamentary candidate at Lewisham West and Penge, took part in many hustings and even was in a Question Time style panel of which the audience was composed entirely of Deaf people, it was the first of its kind in the UK.

Gary then played a part in the 2016 Referendum for Vote Leave and since then joined the Conservative Party, as Gary believes that there’s only one party that can and will take this country out of the EU, supported by the biggest mandate ever delivered by the British public.

In 2017, Gary was chosen as Conservative Candidate for KCC seat of Northfleet & Gravesend West and the GBC seat of Cold Harbour, and he worked very hard supporting other candidates in Gravesham as well as campaigning in his wards. Although he failed to obtain the seats, but proud that he came a convincing second.

During the General Election, Gary was asked by the MP Adam Holloway to be his Wingman, working with and supporting Adam during the election campaign.

Gary has always been interested in politics and kept his core values and principles that Britain is a great country, not just through government, but through work enterprise and the abilities of the people in job creation and wealth. In creating wealth, the country would be able to afford to protect the NHS with extra Doctors and Nurses. Building a strong economy that gives opportunities for school leavers, career choice, finding a new home and helping families to build for the future.

The NHS has played a major part in Gary’s life, giving him opportunities by overcoming his disabilities, Gary has always supported the NHS, not just for himself, but for our community. With his experience in working on the front line of our community, seeing the real problems faced by people every day, Gary has a deep insight into the problems that he had to face in his life and understands the barriers that too many people face.


Read Gary's local election 2019 pledges for Meopham North


Thank you to the Armed Forces Community in Gravesham

With pride in veterans, cadets and those currently serving, we attended Armed Forces Day at the Community Square in Gravesend. 

This event is an important occasion, helping us all keep front of mind that our service personnel are working to keep us safe. 

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