Cllr Conrad Broadley

Conrad Broadley is a Gravesham Borough Councillor for Painters Ash.

Conrad is a local resident from Dover Road aged 51, he is married with four children and seven grandchildren, he is passionate about the area he lives in and is a seasoned campaigner, constantly striving to get a better deal for local residents from the up and coming developments.

He has over 14 years experience as a councillor and has a good track record of helping residents resolve their problems from litter, housing and anti-social behaviour.

Of particular interest to Conrad is the built environment and our cultural heritage, he has already been instrumental in saving and getting Listed scores of historic buildings and structures, on top of this he is a keen river champion and want to see a lot more made of our Thames, he successfully pushed to see historic boats and other boats stop on the Town Pier, but sees that as just a start. Our community really does need to be represented by a Councillor who understands the passion that local residents have for the area they live in and its heritage.


        Read Conrad's pledges for Painters Ash


Let's restore Gravesham's maritime heritage

Cllr. Conrad Broadley is a champion for uncovering and protecting Gravesham's historic sites. He and Gravesham Conservatives have a big vision for what can be done with the disabled Northfleet Harbour, partly excavated under Conrad's leadership of the Northfleet Harbour Restoration Trust.