Thanks to Kent Rural Police for Fly Tipping Enforcement Efforts

We are grateful to Kent Rural Police for the work they do to identify and bring criminal fly tippers to justice. 

In their recent newsletter article (Kent Police, Rural matters - image above), Kent Police apprehended a large vehicle full of waste, destined to be illegally dumped by a long standing environmental criminal suspect.

Fly tipping in Gravesham and elsewhere in Kent is a growing problem and cost for local councils who have to clear up the mess, and Kent Police who work hard to bring them to book. Which is why our Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott, has added an extra 270 officers (with more to come), some of whom will reinforce rural policing to help combat this scourge on our communities and the land around us. He has also implemented a coordinated effort to combat the problem of environmental crime, with Kent Police, local councils and other agencies working together.

However we pick up the bill in our council tax. Therefore it is incumbent on all of us to be on our guard against unscrupulous criminals who charge householders and businesses a fee to dispose of waste, then dump it in our countryside while pocketing all the cash.

There are two things we can do to help:

Don't hire unscrupulous cowboy tradesmen or waste removers! They have to be registered. Ask for their business name and waste removal registration number. Then you can check their credentials at the Environmental Agency website by entering that information into their public register - 

Report it promptly to Gravesham Borough Council -