Cascades Leisure Centre roof set for big refurbishment

On Friday 14th June I met with Council officials and had a chance to discuss the state of Cascades roof. Here's what I found out...

By Aaron Elliott, member for Riverview, Gravesham Borough Council.


Cascades Leisure Centre celebrated its 30th birthday on Saturday 1st August 2018.

This year with unprecedented rains falling across the South-East the roof began to experience difficulties and customers have observed leaks. I myself this week saw just how bad this had got when I accompanied my kids to their weekly swimming class. On Friday 14th June I had a conversation with officers at Gravesham Borough Council to establish just what the council intends to do.

In March this year temporary measures were taken to repair the roof as a stop-gap until more permanent measures could be testablished. 3 months on this temporary fix is still in place. It will need to be re-secured following yet more bad weather this week, which saw floods across Gravesham, while the design for a temporary structure is put together.

The leisure centre will see a scaffolded structure put in place as cover while the roof will be replaced. The objective is to allow continued use, avoiding as much interruption as possible and minimising any disruption.

While the Council works with insurers to cover costs we can expect that all refurbishment work should be completed by Autumn/Winter of this year.

Riverview Ward Councillors Ashenden and Elliott, and Gravesham Conservative Group, will be keeping abreast of progress.


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