Our Manifesto for the Gravesham Borough Council Elections

Feeling Safe and Being Safe in a Cleaner Gravesham

While we have achieved a lot over the last four years, the levels of anti-social crime and fly-tipping are still unacceptable. We’re working with Kent’s Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott to get more police officers visible in Gravesham. We will also deploy tools such as Public Space Protection Orders and increase enforcement by employing more local Wardens to tackle littering and fly tipping.

Helping Business, Grow Jobs

Councils don’t create jobs, businesses do. We’ve lost some big retailers in Gravesend and we will reverse the trend. We want Gravesham to be more business and shopper-friendly. We will attract new businesses and create an environment that promotes jobs for local people. Immediate priorities include helping shoppers and traders by freezing parking fees, free town WiFi and opening toilets.

Breathing New Life into our Historic Towns

We’re off to a good start with the planned Reef shopping centre and cinema. We will continue to bring Gravesend and Northfleet back to life, attracting investment for projects to restore Gravesham’s maritime heritage and river connections. We will uplift the look and feel of Gravesend, in order to attract new shops, bars and restaurants, draw visitors and provide jobs.

Build more homes while protecting our Green Belt and Green Open Spaces

We will ensure that brownfield sites come first when building new homes and not allow inappropriate developments that damage our Green Belt, or Green Open Spaces. Our priority will be affordable homes for young people to stay local and helping older people to downsize (if they want to). We will also work with local charities to reduce homelessness by supporting men and women in genuine housing need, or sleeping rough on our streets.

Council Tax – Even Better Value for YOUR Money

Under the toughest austerity cuts from central Government, we’ve protected front line services with below inflation council tax increases. The money the Council spends is YOUR money and a Conservative administration will treat it with respect. This means strict financial management, efficient and effective choices to deliver the services and standards you deserve, no council vanity projects, or wasted spend.