Lower Thames Crossing Van Visits Cobham

Today I took the opportunity to meet with the Highway's England team who came to Cobham in their van to consult with the local community.

I made two main points:

Cobham is already a rat run, construction plans and financial funding support to reduce traffic through the village must be taken into account, not brushed aside.

In Kent overall, there is a massive house building programme that will exacerbate traffic passing through the borough towards the crossing and into London. Traffic modelling must also take that increase into account.

I am pleased that our Parish Councils in Shorne, Cobham and Luddesdown are fully on top of the situation and working hard to look after our interests. As are our local Borough Councillors, Kent County Councillors and Adam Holloway our MP.

For those not aware, there is a well formed and supported campaign group called the Lower Thames Crossing Association. The LTCA has a big voice and great source of information for those concerned about the impact on their neighbourhoods.

Tony Rice

Candidate for Shorne, Cobham and Luddesdown in the 2019 Local Elections