Gravesham Conservatives overwhelming support for our MP's opposition to the Withdrawal Agreement

Press Release: Tuesday 26th March 2019


At last Friday nights AGM of the Gravesham Conservative Association, members overwhelmingly voted to support Adam Holloway MP’s opposition to the EU’s “Withdrawal Agreement”.

Tony Rice, the Chairman of the Gravesham Conservative Association said:

“65.4% of people in Gravesham voted to leave the EU. I am delighted that our MP and our Members are determined to honour them – even if the Government, most MPs, the Labour party, and the establishment do not.”

“The Gravesham Conservatives will continue to be an unshakable voice in our fight to leave the EU.”

Speaking after the meeting Adam Holloway said:

“The people of Gravesham did not vote to cede control of our defence and intelligence and many laws and regulations to a foreign power, or for Northern Ireland to be treated differently from the rest of the UK. This agreement would tie us in knots and arguments for decades – and would be Brexit in name only.”

Promoted and printed by Jordan Meade, on behalf of Tony Rice both of Gravesham Conservative Association, Istead Rise Community Centre, Worcester Close, Istead Rise, DA13 9LB.