Gordon of Khartoum - Let's get behind the rich history of Gravesend

By Tony Rice, prospective candidate for Shorne, Cobham & Luddesdown

One of the things I love about Gravesham and Gravesend town is its rich history. Something that I think is a hidden gem and dare I say it, underestimated locally and nationally. The more we support what the borough has to offer in this respect, the more we will boost our status as a tourist destination and bring money into the local economy. Which is why I enjoy the regular news from Visit Gravesend to find out what’s going on.

What caught my eye for January is the General Gordon Memorial Service on the 25th.

Gordon of Khartoum is a national hero, magnificently illuminated in the 1966 blockbuster movie starring Charlton Heston. He was sent by Gladstone to the Sudan in 1883 to defend Khartoum against Mahdist forces. Here he courageously held out in a siege of the city for many months with 7000 Egyptian and British forces facing 50,000 Mahdists. Sadly the city fell and in a last stand he met his death on the steps of the Governor’s palace.

General Gordon was a resident of Gravesend living at Fort House and a benefactor who gave 90% of his annual income to charity.