Our pledges for Whitehill

Help keep Whitehill, Clean, Tidy and Safe

We will work hard to keep Whitehill safe for our children as well as our vulnerable residents. We will review the locations of dog bins around the Ward and the placement of information posters for the benefit of local residents. We will improve awareness of the law and reporting facilities of offences to help get fast action on cleaning up after irresponsible dog owners. We are aware of the issues surrounding congestion and parking around schools in Whitehill and we will work with parents, schools and Kent County Council to seek improvements to these issues. We will also support and encourage youth schemes and activities to deter people from becoming offenders.


Protect the Town and Borough from ‘Over Development’

As Gravesham continues to go through its Local Plan process to build more homes, we will ensure that the views of Whitehill residents are heard, to ensure that any potential issues can be identified and addressed. We will hold regular residents’ forums, so that residents have an opportunity to discuss development within Whitehill and our borough.


Help to Protect and Improve Local Services

We understand the pressures faced by our local health service and we will support our GP practices for any improvements they put forward, whilst also being the voice of residents to share any concerns they may have. We will represent any concerns you have about the bus services, especially the 483 through Whitehill, operating in our area, ensuring that routes and timings make your life that little bit easier. Alongside this we will continue to raise concerns with Kent County Council and Highways, regarding traffic and safety around Whitehill Road and the Echo Square roundabout.


Representing your Voice and Concerns

Having held successful monthly councillor surgeries within Whitehill, we will continue to hold these for local residents, so they have direct contact with their councillors. We will also arrange public meetings for residents to discuss current issues, inviting local Police, Council, local authorities and our Member of Parliament, ensuring that residents feel they are being fully consulted and aware of issues within the borough.


Combat Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour

We will ensure that Gravesham maintains its position as a Riverside Historical Town whilst encouraging and welcoming visitors. We are excited at what the future of Gravesham holds and we will work hard to ensure that the residents of Whitehill benefit from growth opportunities. We will continue working closely with Kent Police to ensure that crime is dealt with and areas of anti-social behaviour are clamped down upon, so the residents of Whitehill can enjoy their neighborhoods safely.



Cllr. Les Hoskins

Cllr. Les Hoskins is a member for the Whitehill Ward at Gravesham Borough Council.