Our pledges for Istead Rise

Reduce the Damage Caused by the Lower Thames Crossing

The Lower Thames Crossing will impact greatly upon Gravesham, however we will continue to lobby Highways England on behalf of Istead Rise to not only oppose a large lorry park nearby, but mitigate the real harm the proposed crossing will cause on our local roads, including the A227. We will do our best to help alleviate disruption from the crossing and the works that will be carried out in the process.


Combat Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

As you know there has been a number of house and shed break-ins recently. We will work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to get more patrols around Istead Rise. We will fight fly tipping, particularly in our country lanes. We already work with Rural Policing team and council colleagues who are responsible for enforcement and we will demand that more money is spent on catching those responsible for this anti social crime. We will ensure that more covert cameras are used by officers and push for the maximum penalty when fly tippers are caught.


Help Keep Istead Rise Clean, Tidy and Safe

We will strive to keep Istead Rise safe for our children. We will review the siting of dog bins around the ward and the placement of information posters. We will improve awareness of the law and reporting facilities of offences to help get fast action on cleaning up after irresponsible dog owners. We will review the placement of litter signs and bins in and around our amenities where streets are more susceptible to problems. We will seek improvements to any unsafe parking on the ward, particularly around the school.


Help to Protect and Improve Local Services

We will continue to represent residents’ concerns about the bus services serving Istead Rise (306/308). We know you want to see more improvements in frequency and punctuality. So, we will continue to hold regular meetings with Arriva to ensure any improvements are maintained.

We will ensure the recycling points are kept tidy, safe and easy to access at all times. We will support our GP practice and any improvements put forward, while also raising any concerns expressed by residents to the practice management. We will continue to support the good work of the Istead Rise Community Association and local clubs.


Protect our Green Open Spaces and the Greenbelt from Inappropriate Development

If Labour or the Gravesham Independents win this election, they will build on the Greenbelt!  Not just a few houses but thousands of houses. The A227 is already very busy and more houses mean more cars on our local roads. We will fight inappropriate development in the Greenbelt. However, we believe there is a need for more affordable housing and in particular more retirement housing. So, we will encourage new housing for our local young people and retirement housing for elderly people. We will do this in consultation with you and the Community Association.


Cllr. Alan Michael Ridgers

Cllr. Ridgers is a member for Istead Rise ward in the Gravesham Borough Council and County Councillor for Gravesend East at Kent County Council.