Tunde Afolabi-Brown

Tunde Afolabi-Brown is excited to stand for election for the first time as a prospective local councillor candidate for Westcourt.                                                                                       

He is passionate about making a tangible difference to people’s lives and in the local community, day after day.

Tunde lives in Gravesend and is an innovative person who seeks ways to ensure our community remains strong and cohesive. He aspires to be active in the local community and act as the voice of constituents, raising any local concerns within the Council on a range of matters related to the work of the council including the quality of local parks, to social services for the elderly, to bin collections and road safety>

Professionally, Tunde is a qualified Building Surveyor and works in the Asset Management Department of a Housing Association. He is primarily responsible for repairs and maintenance of the housing stock.

In his spare time, Tunde likes to read and listen to music. He is a football fan and also enjoys watching formula one racing.