Emma Elliott

Emma Elliott is a candidate for Painters Ash Ward in the 2019 Gravesham Borough Council elections.


Emma is very much looking forward to standing for election and is passionate about making a difference in the community. Being a mother of 3 boys motivated her to engage in helping to ensure Gravesham remains the way she knows and loves, full of community spirit. Being mindful of future generations she is keen to help protect our green spaces. Alongside this she has been involved with campaigning and raising awareness of the impact the LTC (Lower Thames Crossing) proposals will have on the whole of Gravesham.


Emma enjoys raising money for local charities and in 2018 took part in a run alongside her husband to help Gravesham Sports Trust. They manage Gravesham's only multi purpose sports surface which is used to provide free activities for local children and visitors to our borough.


Emma care’s for adults with learning difficulties as part of her role as a support worker and receives a lot of satisfaction from helping others. Her main goal is being able to promote persons within the service to live as independently as possible. She has worked in care for nearly two decades and past roles in management had her overseeing a whole staff team.


Emma is a very hands on mum and wants to ensure her boys grow up to have the same core values as she was brought up to have, some would say old fashioned.


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