Will Riverview cease to have a 'river view' because of the LTC?

The combination of the Lower Thames Crossing and pressure to build on green belt land poses a serious threat to the gorgeous countryside in Riverview.                                                    

By Aaron Elliott, candidate for Riverview in the 2019 Local Elections.

For the last 3 years I have been actively campaigning to defend the precious green belt spaces in Riverview.

What is the threat?

In 2014 Gravesham Borough Council invited developers to present their views on where they would like to build houses in Gravesham in their ideal world without planning constraint. This included sites in Riverview Park amounting to over 3000 homes. While this is only a wish-list, NOT confirmed developments on green belt land, the threat has been substantially increased due to confirmed Lower Thames Crossing (LTC) with a link road cutting through Riverview Park. If and when this goes ahead it could change the dynamics altogether, for this reason ...

There will be a LTC link road cutting through Riverview on green belt land, the green belt boundary may then change, thus opening the door to housing development.

Together with my fellow campaigners, in July 2018 we held a public meeting with livestream access on Facebook. Its purpose was to inform residents of Riverview and neighbouring villages about the risks to our open spaces and environment posed by the LTC and housing development. The video above of the event brings to life the spaces under threat, which if fulfilled may ruin forever the view of the River Thames from Riverview Park.

I and my colleagues in the Lower Thames Crossing Association continue to fight for the residents of Gravesham to mitigate the risks of this major construction project.


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