Crossing consultation deadline fast approaching!

Less than 3 weeks to go!                                                 

By Aaron Elliott, candidate for Riverview in the 2019 Local Elections.

On 22nd November I arranged a meeting at Cascades to help to explain what Highways England’s current Lower Thames Crossing proposals mean for Riverview Park. I was grateful to have the support of fellow campaigners from the Lower Thames Crossing Association including Chair Robin Bull and Bob Lane who was able to provide a guide to completing the consultation.

The impact and key issues affecting residents and those from surrounding areas include but are not limited to:

  • increase in noise pollution

  • the realignment of utilities including electric and gas

  • the reclassification of adjacent land

  • a ‘green bridge’ at Thong Lane

  • traffic and rat-running


You can find out about these via the 12-minute video or watch the entire meeting back from this link:

Cascades meeting 22/11/2018


Please remember – the deadline for completing your consultation is 20th December!

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The Lower Thames Crossing Association is a non-party political organisation and not affiliated with the Conservative Party in any way. It was set up to help fight and mitigate the damage a crossing at East Gravesend would do while campaigning for a better solution elsewhere. The involvement of Conservative candidates within such organisations is done so alongside persons from other backgrounds and in a personal capacity. Aaron Elliott's involvement is as representative for Riverview Park.